Monday, September 22, 2014

Don’t Forget about Lawn Maintenance in Hamilton when Taking a Vacation

So you’ve arranged a boarding kennel for Fido and asked Mr. Johnson next door to empty the mailbox while you’re away— you know, the typical preparations you need to make when going on a trip. Eager vacationers, however, often forget one important thing: lawn maintenance for Hamilton homes. Neglect this and you might come home to an overgrown— or worse, decimated— lawn. Fortunately, a little foresight will prevent these scenarios from happening. Green Collar Landscaping, which provides Hamilton lawn care, says you should do this things before packing your bags: Mow the Lawn Want your turf grass to be immaculate both before and after your trip? Then be sure to mow it first. If you’ll be gone for just a week, you can mow the lawn to regular height the day before. If your vacation lasts two weeks, though, set the mower a notch lower so your lawn won’t get shaggy when you come back.


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